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The quality of your baking is only as good as the quality of your ingredients. So bake with the best!

All of Homepride’s beautifully smooth flour is milled in the UK and made from 100% British wheat.

Our unique production method grades grains to make a finer, smoother and lighter flour. It’s pre-sieved too, which is one less job for you.

Homepride is the only premium flour in a robust, resealable box – to keep your flour fresh and your worktop and cupboard cleaner.

Ask Fred

Fred is one of the most recognisable characters in the history of British brands but he’s also Homepride’s Chief Flour Grader and our resident expert on all things to do with flour and baking. You can find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions here. Alternatively, ask Fred via our social media channels. Homepride are now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Is Homepride Premium Milled ‘00’ extra fine flour plain or self raising?

Our Italian inspired 00 flour is finely ground with much of the bran and germ being removed. It can be used in any recipe that states plain flour. See Premium Milled 00 Extra Fine Flour for more information.

Is Homepride sponge flour self raising?

Yes, this is our premium milled self raising flour and is perfect for creating those extra special bakes. It can increase the height of bakes by up to an inch. It can be used in any recipe that calls for self raising flour.

Useful flour calculations

Using plain flour to make cakes? Add one level teaspoon of baking powder per 100g of plain flour to make self raising.

Is Homepride flour safe to use after the use by date?

If your flour has been stored correctly, it should be safe to use after the use by date. For optimum results, we recommend it is used within the date specified on the box.

Is Homepride flour suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

Yes, our flour is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Do Homepride have a recipe book I can buy?

Homepride produced a recipe book in the 1970’s which proved to be so popular that you could say it is a collector’s item! While there isn’t currently a Homepride recipe book available, you can view a fantastic selection of recipes here.

Can my empty box of Homepride flour be recycled?  

Each of the components of our pack are recyclable but do check your local council’s recycling policy. The lid is currently 100% recyclable. The carton can also be recycled if you remove the base of the pack, as well as the small metal food-proof seal along the join of the pack. We’re working on our next generation of packaging, which we aim to be 100% recyclable.

Why don’t you use the Red tractor logo on your packaging?

Our current packaging is being reviewed and we may add the Red Tractor logo to the pack.

Does Homepride flour contain nuts, sesame or soya?

Homepride flour is classed as nut free as there are no nuts in the raw materials. Our wheat is grown and processed on its own (i.e., no other materials go through the same process so there is no risk of cross contamination). We also operate a nut-free site to ensure that there is no risk of contamination on site. 

The flour is produced on a site that also produces products containing Soya.

Our flour does include sesame.

Can Homepride flour be frozen? 

There should be no reason to freeze flour if it is stored correctly. To keep your flour at its very best, never let it become damp. Store in a cool, dry place with good ventilation.

I have bugs in my flour, what are they?

If the insects are the size of a pencil dot and anywhere between dark grey and light brown in colour, it’s likely psocids (commonly known as booklice). Little is known about the origin of psocids, but it has been established that their presence is due to favourable environmental conditions, as opposed to poor hygiene. Our production facilities are subject to strict pest control and hygiene procedures to ensure that our premises are kept free of psocids. For more information, please visit www.fabflour.co.uk