We are lucky enough to work with some fabulous bakers across the country, who use Homepride flour in their recipes.

Keep an eye on their social media accounts and website, where they’ll share recipes, videos, and baking tips with you.

Let’s introduce you to our Homepride Bakers…

Michelle Evans-Fecci

I’m Michelle Evans-Fecci, a self-taught home baker, lucky enough to be a contestant on 2019’s Great British Bake Off and star baker of cake week.

My mum always used Homepride growing up, and it’s been my flour of choice ever since. The great British brand and quality and consistency of their flours are excellent, and who doesn’t love a flour that’s neatly boxed that you don’t need to sift?!

Dan Chambers

Hi, I'm Dan Chambers. I was lucky enough to appear on series 10 of The Great British Bake Off which was one of my dreams. Like many people I was primarily taught the baking basics by my parents as a child.

Once I thought I could bake a cake by memory with no help I couldn't stop baking them. I always felt great satisfaction when it turned out, which is still the case today.

I find Homepride flour to be of very good quality, it's soft and pre-sieved which makes things easier and cleaner.

Dani Brazier

I've been baking and making cakes for 11 years. I teach online cake decorating and baking courses plus run a recipe blog on my website. I'm currently busy baking writing my second recipe book released in Summer 2022. I love baking and my go to cake is always Carrot Cake.

Farley Berry

I'm Farley Berry, proud owner of Lady Berry Cupcake Decorating School in SW London.

I've always been an uber-creative person with a love of people, so I turned my baking hobby into a job and, now, I have the best job in the world! I get to teach adults and children how to create beautiful, intricate and super cute cupcakes, building their confidence and finding a creativity they didn't know they had!

Robbie Hedges

Hi! I was one of the finalists of Junior Bake Off 2021, I live in Bristol, United Kingdom. I am the youngest person on the committee at my local village fete where I help organise the annual raffle.

Baking is my passion and my favourite things to bake are: Cinnamon Buns, Salted Caramel and various different types of pastry.

Zak Travess

I’m Zak Travess, a baker and content creator from Hertfordshire. In 2019 I was lucky enough to be a contestant on Junior Bake Off which was an amazing experience. I have also appeared on Sky Kids Ultimate Food Fun where I taught younger children how to get creative in the kitchen.

I’ve always been a fan of Homepride flour not only because of the amazing quality, but Homepride really does produce the lightest cakes. And of course the fact the flour is pre-sifted which makes life so much easier when in the kitchen!

Fyn French

I got into cooking by creating grand bakes with my surrogate grandmother once a week. I entered the Junior Bake Off on a whim and didn't think I would ever get as far as making it on the show. Ravneet Gill, Liam Charles and Harry Hill were really enthusiastic about my bakes and encouraged me to keep going.

Baking Nanna

I'm Jackie Heaton from Manchester. I bake because it’s the best hobby ever. A lot of my bakes are for charity so it's a lovely feeling to be able to help with something I love doing and also because I love spending time baking with my granddaughter, Maggie. I grew up with Homepride and as they say - don’t change what doesn’t need fixing! My favourite cake to make is a giant cupcake- I love decorating them!

Jasmina Crnomarkovic

I'm Jasmina and I'm from Peterborough. I've have been baking from a young age. I always loved to get involved in family bakes with my mother and grandmother, learning useful tips and tricks in the kitchen. I have such enthusiasm and passion when it comes to baking, leaving me with a sense of pride once it’s complete! My favourite bake is any sort of layered cake, especially a drip cake!! I love to share my bakes on my baking account on Instagram

Sumayyah Waraich

Sumayyah AKA Smiggys. Born and raised in Leicester, baking has always been something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Experimenting with different bakes in the kitchen, turning desserts into cakes, sharing these daring creations with others and watching the joy and smiles it would bring is something I’ve always loved. Smiggy’s creations are filled with love and attention to detail you’d expect from people that truly care about what they do. Creative, innovative and indulgently good!