Roar-some excitement awaits you!

Come along with Fred, Sophie, and the Tiger for a whole lot of joy and adventure! Get your hands on amazing activity sheets that you can download, filled with awesome colouring pages, handy recipe guides, challenging puzzles, and so much more!

You can also enter our competion to win all sorts of Roar-some prizes

Tea-time colouring

Bring Fred, Sophie, and the Tiger to life with your colouring skills.

Cupcake toppers

These fun dual-sided cupcake toppers require cocktail sticks, adhesive tape, and scissors (remember to seek adult supervision).

Roar-some bakes

You won’t be able to keep your paws away from these Tiger inspired bakes.

Find the way

The Tiger is having tea. Help Fred find his way to join him.

DIY Tiger and Fred masks

Grab your favourite colouring pencils, some string, and scissors (remember to ask an adult for assistance), and let your creativity soar as you bring Tiger and Fred to life with vibrant colours!

Easter picnic recipe

Purr-fect tea time treats for hungry tigers - and everyone - to enjoy.

Healthy snack recipes

Discover fantastic and nourishing recipes that even the pickiest Tigers will love!