Macmillan Coffee Morning Timeline (to organise even the most disorganised baker)

By Britt Whyatt

1-2 months before - Decide on your venue, finalise your date and start inviting people. You can also have a think about what kind of bakes you’d like to create and maybe do a practice run of any you’re not familiar with.

1 month before - Bake any cakes or cupcakes that you want to freeze. Let them cool completely, wrap well in cling film and make sure they have enough space in the freezer so they won’t get squashed.

2 weeks before - Send out a little reminder message to your friends and colleagues about the event.

1 week before - Buy all the ingredients you need, any tableware (napkins, tablecloths, plates).

4-5 days before - Make any buttercream you want for fillings or toppings. One it’s made seal in an airtight container and leave in the fridge until needed.

3-4 days before - Bake anything that has a longer shelf life such as brownies, fridgecakes, cookies, traybakes. Also denser cakes such as a madeira are fine to make now as well.

2 days before - Now is the time to make any cupcakes you want for the event. Make sure to bake them in greaseproof cases to prevent peeling. To save time on the day you can also write any notices such as cake flavours and prices on little place holders now too.

1 day before - If you’re planning on having light cakes like a Victoria sponge or lemon drizzle, it’s best to bake them now. Once baked wrap them well ready for filling tomorrow! Today you can also pipe onto and decorate any cupcakes you plan to serve and store them in a card cake box. Then, if you can, get in and decorate your space. Tablecloths, bunting, posters, games etc.

On the day - Today’s the day! If you couldn’t decorate the room yesterday do that this morning. Then fill and decorate any ‘naked cakes’. Gather all of your bakes and set them out on display. Then pop the kettle on, take the apron off and await your guests! Congratulations and have a fabulous morning! You’ve definitely earned it!