Kindly provided by Britt Whyatt (AKA She Who Bakes)

Prep Time


Cook Time







For the greaseproof divider: draw around a square tin twice, next to each other onto greaseproof paper. Fold a strip of foil the same length and height of your square tin.

Fold the greaseproof paper over the foil, both sides to create a divider for your tin. Grease your tin and stick in your shape.

For the Battenberg: cream together the golden caster sugar and butter. Add in the eggs and almond extract. Add in the Homepride plain and self raising flour as well as the ground almonds. Split the mix in half.

Colour one half pink using good quality gel food colouring. Pour the colours mix into one half of the tin and the plain half into the other.

Bake at 140C for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Leave the cakes to cool completely.

Once cooled, level the top of the cakes using a sharp knife or cake leveller. Cut each cake in half lengthways. Spread the sides and tops with apricot jam. Stack the colours alternately.

Roll out marzipan onto a side dusted with icing sugar. Turn over the marzipan and spread with apricot jam. Roll up the cake in marzipan and smooth with your hands. Trim the edges and sees of excess marzipan.

Crimp the edges for decoration.